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Omega uses precision lasers to etch its serial numbers, so you may have to use a magnifier to read it.

Omega codes and movement numbers

For vintage Omega watches, the serial number was often engraved inside the casing or on the movement itself. If you plan to check an older model, we advise that you get a jeweller to open the case for you to avoid any potential damage to the watch's inner workings. If you come across an Omega watch that is missing its serial number, it's more than likely a fake. Omega assigns a serial number to each of its pieces as a mark of authenticity.

Should your Omega have a serial number, it's usually worth searching it on the internet, as replicas tend to use the same numbers for multiple versions of the same watch. These copycat serials are often flagged up among the watch community as typical fakes. If you're still not sure, you can also check the serial number with Omega themselves, who should be able to confirm whether it's authentic or not. Another option is to take your watch to a trusted jeweller to be appraised.

1. Omega 2500 Co-Axial – First Omega Co-Axial Movement

If you've located your Omega watch's serial number and you've used our table to find its production date, you may want to know how much it is worth. Should you be looking to expand your collection, we have a great range of pre-owned Omega watches to browse, all of which have been fully appraised by our team.

OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M Calibre 2500/2507 - Video Manual

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Omega serial number dates (excluding Speedmaster)

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Do fake Omega watches have serial numbers? The method of combining both traditional escapement designs, the chronometer escapement and the lever escapement, allowed a combination of longer maintenance cycles and a high level of precision. One could argue that there was too much optimism surrounding the mechanism in the beginning, when many assumed that the watch would work completely maintenance free. In fact, in the initial stages the maintenance could barely be extended.

In the newer era of watchmaking, the Omega is revered as industry benchmark for its robustness, preciseness and low-maintenance. Lately, the Omega has become even more techy than it already was: With the help of un-magnetic materials, the Omega Master Co-Axial withstands magnetic fields of over 15, gauss. Not only for its newest improvement, many regard the Omega the most modern and most sophisticated calibre available.

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The position of the movement hardly influences its amplitude, or in more simple terms: The two mainspring barrels enable a power reserve of 60 hours, however it is important to emphasize that the watch hardly loses any precision even towards the end of the reserve, when the tension of the spring is lower. These are two distinctions that are very much relevant for the everyday making it particularly precise in terms of its actual everyday service. Unlike the standard version, the Omega entails a rotor and balance-wheel bridge constructed of sold gold.

The calibre shown on the picture provides a Rolex Day-Date style weekday function in addition to the date. The Omega is basically the same caliber as the but without a date function.

Needless to say, it also features a Master Co-Axial Escapement and a magnetic resitance of more than 15, Gauss. Given that the represents not only a certain caliber variant, but also an entire caliber series, the use of the notation is often used synonymously with the entire 8XXX collection, including the The same is true for many other members of this caliber family, such as for the version , , , , and others Used for: The Omega hand-winding movement combines the technical nature of the with the aesthetics of a finely finished movement in the tradition of Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin.

Thanks to the transparent sapphire crystal caseback this calibre is visible in the model. What undeniably catches the eye is the gold balance-wheel bridge, which we also know from the automatic movement.

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Like all members of the 8XXX caliber family, it has a quick-adjustment feature of the hour hand to a middle position, which is useful above all for switching time zones Used for: The most significant change might refer to how the chronograph function is controlled. While the Omega is a tradition column wheel chronograph, the is cam switched. The Omega is found in the classic plexi-glass version of the Omega Speedmaster Professional line.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Version with hesalite or plexiglass.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph 42 mm If the Omega represents the calibre flagship of the current score of Omega movements, then the can most definitely be considered the Omega chronograph of today. It combines the key features of the co-axial escapement and magnet protection of over 15, gauss with a column wheel chronograph.