Hook up water heater with pex

Tankless Water Heater Install Diary

I live in Phoenix, AZ. Last edited by a moderator: Jeepnick , Feb 9, Jan 5, Occupation: Plastic piping should not be attached to a water heater.

You want at least 18" of copper off the top the heater and then transition to PEX. PEX tubing shall not be installed within the first eigthteen 18 inches mm of piping connected to a water heater.

How to Install a Water Heater with SharkBite's Water Heater Connectors

I suppose my diagram isn't that clear. The PEX transition will be near the ceiling which means there will be roughly 3 feet of copper between the pex and the water heater.

Tools for Working with PEX Piping

Jan 6, Location: Hackney plumbing , Feb 9, Feb 6, Location: From another layman's POV, it seems fine. Even if it was perfectly safe, I would never chance it if I didn't have to. I've accidentally touched my flue while the WH was running What you did with keeping the 3' lines is exactly what I would have done in your shoes. Aug 31, Occupation: The hottest water in the tank is at the top, and it applies to both hot and cold pipes. That heat will rise in the connecting pipes, but lose temperature to the air, which is why they want BOTH lines to have copper for 18" from the tank.

Jeepnick , Feb 10, Hackney plumbing , Feb 10, They want copper the first 18"of a gas water heater because that part of the vent gets the hottest,especially when the vent is cold and the heater fires Use the tubing cutter for this job. Solder the connections by following the next step.

Tankless Water Heater Install Diary

Clean the copper tubing and the water heater fitting and apply solder paste evenly on the surfaces of the joint. Ignite the soldering torch and heat the joint evenly while applying solder.

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  2. Tie PEX into water pipes at water heater? Hows this look?.
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When the melted solder covers the joint entirely, allow it to cool. The solder will harden as it cools and will seal the connection between the water heater and the copper stub. Connect the copper pipe to the other end of the copper stub and apply the same soldering procedure.

To prepare the PEX tubing, use a tubing cutter to cut at least a half inch of PEX to make sure the opening on the tubing is cut square. Slide a copper crimp ring over the pipe.

How to Connect PEX Tubing to a Water Heater | complomawindny.ga

Use PEX to run main cold-water feed into house. Connect cold-water feed to manifold. Run separate cold-water lines out from manifold to various fixtures. Run PEX hot-water feed from water heater to manifold.

Run separate hot-water lines out from manifold to various fixtures. Use flaring tool to attach fitting onto end of PEX piping. Thread PEX fitting onto manifold and tighten with preset torque wrench.

  1. Tie PEX into water pipes at water heater? Hows this look?;
  2. Preset torque wrench!
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  4. How to Connect PEX Tubing to a Water Heater | complomawindny.ga.
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