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A List of Legal Requirements Make sure you have the information you need to know to keep your records in order. But guess who else could be liable?

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Are such relationships none of your business? Most employers recognize that people who work closely together often become intimate; a CareerBuilder survey found that 40 percent of office workers polled admitted to having dated a co-worker.

And, 31 percent said the relationships led to marriage. His first comment addressed whether employers should just stay out of it. But a sexual relationship between a boss and a subordinate is definitely not private. The relationship may be consensual at the start, but things can go wrong later. But what about the technical point, which observers were quick to point out, that Letterman was not the boss of the CBS employees with whom he got involved, because he works for his own company, Worldwide Pants?

Laws About Relationships Between Employees & Supervisors

But employers absolutely must strive to discourage relationships in which the lower-level employee might feel pressured to begin or continue a romance with a powerful company employee. In both cases, and dozens of others, the high-profile, powerful person suffered a job loss at worst and a damaged reputation at the very least.

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But the impact on the lower-level partner, and the workplace as a whole, can be far greater. At best, it is ambiguous as to whether the term applies to a dismissal for alleged cause, and we know from cases like Christensen v.

1. Do not allow managers to have romantic relationships with subordinate employees -- full stop.

Family Counselling Centre that an ambiguous notice term will not be enforced by the courts. That conclusion is questionable see Lloyd v.

Boss and Employee Dating

Oracle for a discussion of the enforceability of a notice clause that complies with the ESA. The 18 months notice would have been reduced to 6 months, though, because the employee spent twelve months renovating his cottage with his forgiving spouse, rather than looking for a job. Finally, I mention the issue of costs, because it is a point I raise with my students about the economics of wrongful dismissal cases. The decision includes a detailed discussion of the costs issue. The employer wins this case, and asks for legal costs. The Judge notes on p.

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In other words, the legal costs were slightly greater than the amount the employee was claiming. The judge believes that the legal issues were no so complex that an employment law firm should have needed that much research done. That would be on top of the money he had already paid his own lawyer. So you can see the point I make in class: Your email address will not be published.

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