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Korean men are just men too, but in my experience, they have been more attentive and better lovers on average than most western men I have known. All of my friends here are Korean, and I never hang out in popular expat places unless I am meeting a Korean friend there. I moved here because, among other things, I really like Korea and Korean people and will likely spend the rest of my life here.

What is your reason for living in Korea, how long have you been here, and how long do you plan on staying here? Whether you agree with it or not, many foreigners come to Korea mainly to work, either in the military, teaching ESL or other jobs. Those are the ones that need western bars and other foreigners to hang out with. I know that the majority of western foreigners come here for work, so there is no matter of agreeing with that or not. I also understand that most of them want and need contact with other westerners. I do have a few expat friends as well, but they are also generally long-term residents here married to Korean spouses, and they love living in Korea too.

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I think they really need to shut up, or leave. Sure, there are some cultural differences, but classifying them as a group is insulting. You want to know a Korean woman, just talk to her like she is any other human being.

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That said, I myself only date Korean men, but that is because I love Korea and want to live here for the rest of my life. I like men from everywhere, but even if I wanted a foreign partner, finding an eligible foreigner would be even harder than finding an eligible Korean man. My situation here is highly unusual, as I intend to stay here forever, and I am also famous among most Koreans, so a lot of things come more easily for me.

At the same time, I wish more foreigners would relax a little more, and actually talk to Koreans and ask them for their opinions. That had nothing to do with my coming here, or that of most of my expat friends. Not that there is anything wrong with wanting to learn more about Korean culture though, and I welcome that. Annabellista I agree that foreigners living and working here should not complain so much and appreciate the fact that Korea gives us money to speak English to give a real basic view at it. But your situation, a western girl who dates mainly Korean men and wants to stay in Korea for life, is pretty rare.

Maybe we can learn something from it, or get a good laugh. No clue what we learned from that post, as Brent hinted to. Maybe Korean women like pretty boys? Yes, I just meant that there is no noticeable difference in sexual performance between men of any nation, though for some reason, my Korean lovers have been more attentive on average. Nothing against men in general- I love men! There is a difference between trying to understand the culture and just trying to scam on women though. A guy who thinks he has to deceive me to get me into bed, and who would actually believe he had pulled it off like I am just some stupid prey, is the last guy I would want to sleep with.

Many women also play tricks, and like the men, feel that is their only option. Again, I find that really sad. As far as tall, blond guys here go, my tall, handsome, blond brother, and tall, handsome, blond cousin came to visit, and they were literally mobbed by school girls on several occasions. They still joke about it because that would never happen in the U. People have very different ideas of beauty, and those can change. Anyway, thank you for this post and your comments. As a foreigner who hopes to stay here forever, and who has a rare special status, I may perhaps be the most unusual expat here, but that does little to help me find a long-term partner here overall.

Even overcoming the obstacles of finding an unmarried Korean man in my age-range, there is still the problem of finding one I am truly compatible with, and that is a universal challenge. Do you still live in Korea? I would love to meet you in person. Many thanks for this great advices, seems strange that Korean Girls like attractive well-dressed man who can speak with her. Yeah…the pressure you described is tough. We have a three part series on being skinny in Korea. My biggest reason to go back is to try and reconnect with a culture I missed out on.

While it is not the most important factor for me dating is something I have thought about. Later in college I did date a very Christian Korean girl who I really liked.

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We were loosely dating for a few months and as things began to get more serious she abruptly ended it, telling me I would never be acceptable to her family ouch. All this is to say that I am coming to Korea with an open mind but also not expecting too much. Since college dating has been hit or miss for me. There are times when I lament the realities of being an Asian man in American. Couple this bad situation for US Asians with the reality that many American Asian girls are not interested in men from their own race and are looking for Caucasian men, and dating can be a bit confounding.

I plan to get dual citizenship and am really excited. I found your post interesting as well as many of the comments. First of all, let me apologize for the stereotype of Asian men in America. Fortunately, Asian men are making headway in the states now perfect hair, fit, smart, etc. Be awesome at who you are and be persistent with who you like. Way more than back home and my dry spells have been almost non-existent…. Height yes, weight no.

Thank you for the article. I just moved to Busan, and I am a single, foreign girl. Since the amount of time I will spend in Korea is long, I will be looking for a relationship.

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I was actually surprised that Korean girls are not as skinny as I expected. I am the sporty type, and quite skinny, and so far I have been one of the skinnies around. That seems to be highly appreciated from Korean men, I do get lots of stares but nobody approached me yet. I am a brunette with long hair, quite pretty I was always successful in the USA or Europe and that seems just fine. Most comments regard Seul, is there any advice for people who are not in Seul?

Brunettes are always my personal preference anyways. I think Busan is a little more relaxed, there are definitely some cool expats in the area. You will do great! I think the only challenge you may encounter is a long term relationship with a Korean guy. Most will want to have fun with you, but there is a lot of pressure for them to keep serious relationships within their own race. Still, your article was refreshing to read. It certainly made me re-think things. Thanks for putting your thoughts out there!

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Good Person good mind plz care me all everything. Now is your chance to fly. If you have wings, you can fly to me.

Korean Dating: A Case Study

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Not interested in people who care only about exterior look. So, compelled by the loneliness of my solitudinous studio apartment existence in South Korea and sick of standing at the bar by myself quaffing my beer and watching my expat cohorts canoodling with their Korean significant others, I endeavored to find myself a Korean girlfriend.

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In search of a romantic partner I took to that most reliable of 21 st century venues for those in search of love: I joined a language exchange website, one of those myriad online venues on which lonely singles can contact one another whilst hiding behind the thinly veiled guise of ostensibly just looking for someone with whom to practice learning a new language. The next weekend we met for coffee again. And then we started dating.