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About what Murphy said, I think it had too purposes, make people believe show he was going to ask about Amaro and show that he has done his research.

Amanda had a relationship whit her Atlanta's captain. Had it been Barba or Murphy then it had been jawdropping, now all jawdropping came from seeing shirtless-Amaro. I think they did the whole scene well though, it wasn't too obvious and the writers just put it in there like nothing special and I kinda liked that actually. Will be interesting to see if it's just partners with benefits or real feelings between them. Still love Murphy, still he might be right about Rollins having a blind spot for men with power BUT how the hell did he know about the Atlanta captain??

Is it like in Rollins' file?

Nick Amaro

And she didn't have a relationship with him, in that bar scene in S13 when he made a pass at her, or frankly tried to kiss her, she said 'are you forgetting you're married' and he brought up the fact he didn't have the ring on and that they had something back in Atlanta that hadn't gone further though because of his marriage and then she pretended to get a phone call to get out of that situation so, at least the way I read it - they never acted on any feelings they might've had.

And for Murphy to bring up Cragen. That office scene still baffles me. And you did see her eyes going there right?!

Law & Order: SVU - On the Rocks (Episode Highlight)

I have to say while I was watching the episode and a shirtless Amaro came on screen in Rollins apartment thank you, writers hahah I was literally speechless and immediately was like I KNOWWW Chris has something to say about this! They have ZERO chemistry. Though, we might here next episode that he was just crashing there and they didnt really do anything, who know, technically we didn't really see anything go on between them.

Can't wait for next week! I missed some of the recent episodes that story arc with Benson's kidnapper turned me off the series for a while. Is Murphy a permanent part of the series now? He sort of reminds me of Stabler's temporary partner when Benson was gone, experienced but not quite skilled in the ways of these sorts of crimes. I don't mind the odd subplot with them, just don't focus on it.

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Or at least do it well. Liked the one between Rollins and her sister. Jason - Murphy or Donal Logue will be with 'us' until the end of the season. I'm still hoping though, it's the TV world after all - everthing can happen right? Perception is a funny thing.

I've thought there was a spark of something between them for a while. Chemistry might be too strong a word but something. Still I think Danny Pino would have chemistry with a ham sandwich so I'm not objective. I think Rollaro is two people who've hit rock bottom turning to each other for some sort of comfort and it's probably more about sex than romance or love.

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In that respect it seems perfectly plausible to me. It also gave us another look-see at Danny Pino shirtless and that can't be bad. I don't have a problem with it and am intrigued as to how it will evolve. I'd love to know when and how it started but that may not be addressed. I was never sold on Bensidy but I accepted it and respected that others liked the relationship.

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Different strokes for different folks as the saying goes. I just want to add that the fact they didn't appear "natural" on the couch doesn't bother me at least as far as Amaro is concerned. He is Catholic, still technically married and probably is feeling some guilt. Also they are work colleagues so the awkwardness isn't necessarily unusual.

Read at your own risk! SVU fans spent 12 seasons waiting for Benson Mariska Hargitay and Stabler Christopher Meloni to get together to no avail, but it took less than three for romance to ignite between two of the squad's other detectives. In the blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene, Rollins Kelli Giddish was watching a TV news interview with a high-profile child molestation suspect played by Bradley Whitford when Amaro suddenly emerged from her bathroom in nothing but a towel.

In addition to eating "a few less cupcakes" in the days leading up to the revealing scene, Pino says he had to emotionally wrap his head around his character's unknown office romance. I started looking at the stage directions and saw that Rollins was not alone in her apartment. Needless to say I was caught by surprise. SVU for Season The flagship and its many spin-offs have normally steered clear of such romantic entanglements, either by keeping the characters in a perennial will-they-or-won't-they state, a la Benson and Stabler, or by only exposing it after the fact, like when Jack McCoy's affair with Claire Kincaid came to light following her death.

SVU and there's no reason to go small," Pino says. It's a show that is, I feel, finding a new voice. After Benson's battle with PTSD following her tango with William Lewis in the season premiere, Amaro shot and killed an unarmed teenager and Rollins almost lost her job, and her life, because of a crippling gambling addiction.

Where We Left Off And What To Expect On 'Law & Order: SVU' Season 16

And yet, we don't sacrifice any of the law and the order of it all. I think the show is, creatively, in a fantastic place. So what's next for Rollins and Amaro? Will anyone at work find out their secret? Pino teases all that and more below:. What did you think of that twist? Looking back did you see pieces of where it could have led to this? I feel like the writers had been planting certain seeds throughout the season where it was more of an insinuation.

This certainly solidified what these two characters had been going through. Both characters have been in search of companionship, in search of somebody or something that would make it feel like fulfillment of some sort. Certainly, Amaro losing his family and still [carrying a torch] for his wife, his difficulties at work, the obstacles that he's tried to overcome, and Rollins with her gambling addiction and her difficulties professionally — the two of them found each other both in need and so, to me, all of those dots do connect.

Now, they didn't connect immediately while I was sitting there in the read-through. It was a very complicated, complex wave of realization, emotion, and embarrassment of not really knowing. I felt like most of the writers did know, so I was the one in the relationship and yet I didn't even know it. It was a highlight of the season certainly in terms of what went on in that read-through. Will the viewers be able to figure out how long this has been going on or get more information about their relationship in the last two episodes of the season?

I think that there are breadcrumbs.

Law & Order: SVU's Danny Pino on Wednesday's Big Reveal and the Drama's "New Voice" | TV Guide

Amaro questions if Maria was diagnosed with PTSD , and expresses his regret that he did not try harder to understand what she was going through. He ultimately refuses to do so, however. He also has a son with a former girlfriend, Cynthia, named Gil, whom he meets for the first time in the episode "Undercover Blue".

Like Fin, he had previously worked undercover while in Narcotics. Despite their rocky start, however, Amaro and Benson grow to have a mutual respect for each other and work well together. During his early days in SVU, Amaro has a tough time dealing with the horrible crimes he sees every day, and tells Benson he has the urge to physically assault a suspect. She tells him the better solution would be to ensure that the perpetrators never see the light of day again.

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In the episode "Hunting Ground", Amaro fatally shoots a serial killer who has kidnapped Benson and another woman. It is the first time he has ever killed anyone, and he's badly shaken by the experience. In the episode "Valentine's Day", he sees his wife go into an apartment of a man he does not know. She subsequently finds out, and they get into a heated argument in the SVU squad room in front of his colleagues that Munch later proclaims was the moment he knew that their marriage was over. She tells him that the man he saw her with is a psychiatrist she was seeing because she is trying to adapt back into her old life.

Amaro is clearly rattled by this, and in subsequent episodes, begins suppressing his anger until it explodes during the investigation into madam Delia Wilson, when he threatens to shoot Detective Brian Cassidy Dean Winters if Cassidy does not tell him for whom he is working undercover. This, along with his erratic behavior, briefly alienates his SVU colleagues; for example, they are reluctant to give him sensitive information regarding the false charges against Captain Donald Cragen Dann Florek , fearing that he will make matters worse.

In the episode "Undercover Blue", Cassidy is put on trial for rape. When Cassidy's lawyer questions him, Amaro is forced to reveal that he had a romantic relationship with the sister of a drug lord he was investigating undercover.